Preventative Barrier Treatments

Al’s insect & Pest Control's Preventative treatment programs give you complete protection against most insects whether flying or crawling. If you are in need of insect extermination or prevention in Niagara county or the Buffalo Area, you’ve found the right company.
Protect your home with our Preventative Home Barrier Treatment!
We offer a program of three exterior treatments. From gutter to ground, we pinpoint areas where pests are likely to enter and take up residence. Wasps, bees, spiders, ants, roaches, mosquitos and more are all placed under control with our program.
inground pool
We treat your deck and patio areas so you can entertain comfortabaly!
For many years, Al's Insect and Pest Control has been defending homes and businesses from all types of flying and crawling insects! Our technicians are trained and experienced in the art of pest control. One call to Al's is all it takes to solve your Pest Problem.
dog running
Our Preventative Barrier Treatment is safe around kids & pets.